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Lambing and Farming Update

An update on the 2015 lambing season and other general farming news!

One of the busiest seasons on the Procter farm (and other sheep farms) has now finished!

Since the 1st April our breeding sheep have been giving birth, and, thanks to the lovely April sunshine and 24 hour vigilance from all members of the family, we have had a very good lambing time!! In fact it's been one of the best lambing times we have had in a long while, with relatively few problems (so far!), no vet callouts, no vet trips and no prolapsing!

The majority of the sheep have produced the perfect number of lambs: twins, with a few single lambs being born to the younger of the sheep in the flock. First-time lambers have also proved to be good mothers and all-in-all, we are very pleased with the outcome of this lambing time.

Inevitably, there have been one or two hiccups insofar as one lamb (now a month old) is blind but its other senses (smell and hearing) have intensified to compensate and it sticks very close to its mother and is doing well. You wouldn't even know it was blind now (it may not even be blind any more!) Another sheep did not have enough milk to support her lambs and one of these is being bottle fed with milk and is also coming on nicely.

May has proved to be somewhat wet and cool and we could do with a settled spell of warm, calm weather. The lambs are now of an age where they can stand poor weather but it is always better to see them lying in the sunshine rather than huddled against a wall, trying to avoid the worst of the wind and rain!

Next up on the farming calendar will be sheep shearing time and we are already preparing a couple of our fields for hay time and they are coming along nicely with a good mix of grasses and some nice flowers too. Yesterday Dan went for a walk through the hay meadow and found a curlew's nest with just one egg inside. We expect / hope that the mother will lay one or two more before hatching and we shall ensure that the birds will not be disturbed.

In other news, it gives us very great pleasure to announce that Heather and Dan have returned to LambWatch HQ and, with the help and support of the whole Procter clan, plan to slowly develop the farm into an even more beautiful natural space, with conservation and biodiversity being at the centre of everything we hope to achieve. Stay tuned to LambWatch for updates as we experiment with technology to bring as much of this beautiful place to you via LambWatch!


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What a heartening update for the Procter farming family! All good on the lambing side of things and also good on the prospect of developing the conservation and natural space of the farm. Welcome back to Dan and Heather and look forward to the 'new views' with the help of the experimental technology. Bring it on! lol Thank you for the update.

It all sounds very good ,and welcome back Dan and Heather

Thanks for the update and all the wonderful news about lambing. Welcome back to Yorkshire to Dan and his lovely wife Heather. I look forward to all the exciting plans for Marlfield Farm and lots of pictures of the developments as they progress.

I have been away and didn't see this news till May 24th but it is all good, and I'm so happy the season has gone well. I'm very happy, as well, that Dan and Heather are making the move back. This can only be good news for the farm and the family.

Glad lambing season went well. Welcome home Dan and Heather