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Lambing Live at LambWatch HQ!

With our new webcams, we can bring you all the live action from the lambing shed this year!

We're excited to announce that all our testing has gone to plan and we have successfully rigged up our lambing shed with 5 additional webcams, just in time for the 2015 lambing season!

Our new system will be really helpful to us during lambing to help monitor the sheep and lambs (as they arrive). So you don't miss out on any action, we've also created some additional LambWatch channels so you can watch all the lambing live action as it unfolds!

We are hoping to stream all 5 additional cameras to our new LambWatch channels, but if we find our Internet is just too slow, we may have to take a couple down, but we will play it by 'ere!

Our new set of cameras are now available for viewing; simply click the channel number under the stream and job's a goodun.

No two farms' lambing sheds are the same! At LambWatch HQ we have the following sections:

  • The 14 Shippon
    Channels 2 & 3
    This is the longest section and runs along the back of the barn. It has a door in one end (Channel 2) which opens up onto the fields and the sheep have the freedom to come in and out as they please. At the other end (Channel 3) is a hay rack which contains lots of tasty grub in the form of hay.
  • The Barn
    Channels 4 & 5
    Down some steps from the 14 shippon is the main area of the barn which is used for all sorts depending on the time of year. At lambing time it contains a circular feed ring containing even more tasty grub in the form of silage. Channels 4 and 5 cover every nook and cranny in the barn!
  • The 7 Shippon
    Channel 6
    The sheep also have the freedom to roam in this smaller shippon, down a small ramp from the 14 shippon at the far end by the hay rack. On the left you will see some areas gated off by metal "hurdles" which will be used to pen up any families as and when needed!

You may be wondering why the shippons are given numbers.... Their numbers relate to how many animals (cows) they can support in a "boose". You can see the concrete vertical separators in the shippons. They separate out the "booses".

Fingers crossed for a lambing season that goes as smoothly as possible! You'll be able to watch it all unfold at LambWatch HQ!


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Thank you Dan for giving us the locations of the different webcams and also for the explanation of the Shippon numbers. All the best for a good lambing season.

Love it Dan

Oh, thank you so much for the explanation. From watching LW2 and LW3 I realised we were looking down a room from opposite ends, but all the detail is fascinating. There'll be no work done here in the next month, I can tell already.

or here in North London Helen, thanks to you ;}

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