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Dan and Heather's wedding

What a wonderful weekend..... !!

I'm sorry not to have posted the news of the wedding before now but have been catching up on things that were put on the " back burner ". We had just the best weekend and the weather was kind, although a little cool on the Saturday. The Church and Crockwell ( the venue ) looked beautiful and so many people had put in so many hours to achieve this. Heather and her mum had set off at 5a.m. on the Wednesday before to go to Birmingham to source the flowers, her family and members of the local village community ( and Dan ) had made lengths and lengths of bunting to put up in the reception area, each of the tables had a name of one of the fields of the farm, together with a picture and the meal consisted of a huge picnic basket for each table... it was so original and also personally unique. There were stooks of corn arranged around the venue ( again, home-made) and for those who wanted, there was horse-shoe throwing in the grounds. This consisted of shoes kept from the shoeing of Heather's horse and the use of some unused water piping from our barn. The bride looked absolutely beautiful and radiant, the groom had a big smile all day and the bridesmaids (who also looked very elegant ) wore lovely dresses of sage green. Liliana, as a flower girl, carried out her duties very well and she had a dress of buttercup yellow. The speeches were entertaining, a little emotional at times but very good and the two best men, Tom and Ben, and the ushers all carried out the duties with fun and friendliness !! In the evening the party continued with a live Irish folk band playing and got everyone, young and old, on the dance floor and all dancing together which was great fun, very lively and very chaotic ... a happy. jolly and social way to end the day !! The following day ( Sunday ) , Heather's parents had invited anyone who wanted, to have lunch at their house. We all met up there and then set off home, fortified by yet another wonderful spread which really finished off the weekend in the best way !! I'm sure Dan and Heather will be posting pictures when they return from Sicily in a couple of weeks but for those of you who subscribe to Facebook... there may be some under the name of Sarah Moss ( Dan's cousin )


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P.S. sorry about the lack of paragraphs but dont know how to do this in a News Posting !!

I also meant to put a link to Crockwell Farm website but if you googleate " Crockwell Farm, Eydon ", you will be able to see the venue. All our immediate family were staying at Crockwell so we hadn't far to go from our rooms to all the action !!

It all sounds both beautiful and a great deal of fun. Obviously a lot of planning and work had gone into making the day a lovely one. I am so glad it went so well, and wish them every happiness. Bravo for Liliana!

I really enjoyed reading about the wedding and all the preparations to make the day so wonderful. I loved the sunflower theme and Liliana looked beautiful on the photographs which Sarah posted on Facebook as did you all. Everyone looked so happy and Heather did look radiant and beautiful (as you said, Lynda). Many congratulations to Heather and Dan and I, too, wish them every happiness and a long and happy life together