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Market day

It's that time of year again when the animals are due for market.

It's that time of year again, I'm afraid.

The majority of our lambs (mainly the single lambs and twins) have been taken to market this morning.

Their mums will be kept indoors now for about a week or so to dry off their milk supply. This means they will be fed on hay and water to slowly decrease their supply and with being indoors, they will experience less stress as they won't be wandering the field, searching for their lambs.

The sheep that will be appearing in the LambWatch field next will be last year's lambs (now 18 months old) which haven't had lambs this year but will be integrated into the main flock at tupping time at the end of October.

We still have all the triplets and the pet lamb but they won't be in the LambWatch field as they now require better grazing.

The LambWatch field now needs a rest and the shearlings (last year's lambs) don't need lush grass until nearer tupping time so that is why you will be able to see them in the field in a few days.


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Thanks for the update mum!

Thanks for the update - it must be upsetting to say goodbye to the lambs but the farm needs income to continue. I bet the sheep will be happy to be in the barn and out of the horrid gale force winds.

And away from the flies too Cindy !! We have had quite a few problems this year with the flies ....

Thanks for keeping us up to date, Lynda. We'll keep an eye out for the shearlings soon.

Thanks for the news Lynda. I saw, the other day, a lamb still feeding from her mum; will it be going to market as well? I did wonder if it was stealing a drink but was well able to eat grass.

I am really pleased that you have kept the pet lamb as during the summer months it has been such a little character standing in the field staring at the farmhouse and shouting to be fed.

Im happy to hear that too