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Kestrel attacks young woodpecker

A young woodpecker has it's afternoon tea and cake interrupted by a cheeky kestrel

A young woodpecker has it's afternoon snack interrupted by a cheeky kestrel who decides to swoop down on the woodpecker on our bird feeder. It's hard to see the kestrel in the video but you can certainly hear it!


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Poor innocent little woodpecker - I presume it was killed and eaten by the kestrel. They kill birds in my garden and always make me feel guilty for encouraging the birds to the feeders - nature is cruel but I suppose all species have to survive - such a pity it was a lovely woodpecker that had to die.

hi cindy, it looked to me like the woodpecker got away? mum saw it first hand so she may know more!

Well done to the woodpecker if it managed to escape the big talons of the kestrel.

I would like to think it got away. We watched that baby being fed by Mama earlier this season, so would like to think it lived to enjoy another day.

To put your minds at rest, the young woodpecker escaped ( although it doesnt sound like it ) and flew away down to a thick, mature tree , no worse for wear. I watched it happen as I was talking to Dan on the phone at the time and looking through the french windows

Thank you for the good news Lynda.

just noticed... the commotion certainly put the wind up the lamb in the background !!

lol well spotted mother!