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Lynda bottle feeds pet lamb

We have one "full-time" pet lamb this year. Lynda gives it a bottle in front of the webcam.

It doesn't take much to win the heart of a lamb. All you need is a bottle of milk and it will love you... that is until the bottle is empty!


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There's no way that's 'ungry, mother!

This is lovely to watch again .... what a good appetite as well. Looks like it could have gone another bottle but it might have popped.. lol. Thanks Lynda and Dan too for making it a highlight

Aww thats so lovely to see,The lamb is certainly attached to you Lynda

Cupboard love, Milly !! You can hear it sucking from the bottle, the noisy critter

Lol ,Yes i could hear it sucking Lynda,But there,s nothing nicer to see than baby,s of any kind,

Had to laugh at the tail whipping back and forth in time to the slurping !


These are the best bits on Lambwatch. There is an attraction in Cornwall that has been giving children bottle feeding tickets for years. We parents made a fuss now we get them too. It absolutely makes your holiday.

nice man

How much fun is that?

aawww I just watched this, how cute. is that Lamb still at the farm?