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Last sheep finally lambed....

All done for another year

Last night the last of our ewes lambed . We have , in total, 43 lambs off 24 ewes.... 7 single lambs, 12 sets of twins and 4 sets of triplets, Thankfully the weather has been reasonably kind for us but there is quite a lot of " topping up " with lambs milk to be done. This is because all of the triplets , bar one set, have been produced by shearlings.... first time lambers, and as such they dont have a massive supply of milk for three lambs. |There is also one lamb which was rejected by its mother and you may have seen us bottle feeding it in the lambwatch field.... there is always one awkward mother !!

Ranvir has been very poorly and her lambs are also being bottle fed as she has lost the use of her " bag " due to the mastitis infection.

We are now awaiting a large vets bill for an out of hours visit and all the medicines we purchased for various treatments... penicillin, worming preparations, lambs milk powder etc but at least we dont have to get up in the night any more, thank goodness !!

All shepherds/sheperdesses pretty much worn out but there is just aftercare needed now !!


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Good news that all the lambs have now been born and it seems a good number too.

Thanks for the update mum and well done for figuring out how to write it unassisted! Very pleased the shepherds and shepherdesses can enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep (well at least by sheep!). Have a good rest! How is Ranvir doing ?

I hit the return button by mistake. I was going to continue to say that I was sad to learn how poorly Ranvir has been; I have always enjoyed seeing her in the Lambwatch field over the years. Well done to the shepherds and shepherdesses for all the hard work and late nights. I hope that you will be able to have some rest once all the lambs are weaned