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Harry has finally lambed! But sadly it is not all good news :(

Harry (yes she is female!) has decided finally to give birth on a very busy day at LambWatch HQ. She is a big sheep anyway but with lambs inside her she was one of the biggest pregnant sheep we have ever seen. We thought she could have 5 inside, or fewer, larger lambs. Here are some piccies of Harry in her last few days of pregnancy....

Anyway, the day finally came when the lambs would come. Sadly she produced 2 big lambs which were in breech position (coming out rear-first) and these 2 lambs died after a minute. She then went on to produce a third big lamb which we have managed, so far, to keep alive, by swinging it vigourously and rubbing it firmly to get everything moving and clear out the lamb's airways.

Harry very nearly keeled over in the field after the third and so she was given a full dose of calcium (horrible injection!)

She and her lamb are, at time of writing, starting to come to again after their ordeal. We will keep you updated with their progress.


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Aww poor Harry... I hope she gets over her ordeal okay and she and her lamb recover well. So sad about her two other lambs.

OOH poor harry,she must have gone through it !

That's tough for poor ol' Harry. I hope they both continue to do well.

Harry and her lamb are looking a lot better this morning. The lamb is bursting with milk and Harry, having had a load of calcium and penicillin, is coming to and eating pretty much normally. Howard had such a struggle with all of the lambs, they were so big, his shoulders and arms are quite sore this morning but an hour in the sunshine ( hopefully) will improve matters . We now have four left to lamb.

Good news about Harry and lamb. Hope they continue to do well. As for Howard, an hour just sitting in the sun - I can't believe it, but it would be a good treatment!!

sorry to hear.