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Pre-Lambing Preparations 2014

An update on what's been happening in the run up to this year's lambing season!

The barn and shippons are now prepared for bringing lambing sheep in during any bad weather that we may get. This involves setting up feed rings, treacle troughs and filling up water buckets. We now have 8 seperate pens in various indoor locations prepared for new families until such times when we are satisfied that they are mothered up properly (no rejections) and the mothers have enough milk.

Sadly only Ranvir and Harry are left from original LambWatch sheep: no Cockly'ead, Lloyd, Lottie, Bandy Legs, Greenback etc.

We have feeding bottles, teats and stomach feeding tubes sterilised and supplies of colostrum and powdered lambs milk waiting on standby in our kitchen in case any newborns need a helping hand. We also have high-powered torches fully charged for night time checks round the field (which have been going on already for a good few weeks now). Calcium, penicillin and glucose doses are waiting in shippons should they be required for any reason.

In total there are 25 sheep to lamb, of which six have not had lambs before, which means we cannot be sure know how they will react to their offspring. All the lambing sheep will be going into LambWatch field probably on Friday or Saturday.

So, in summary, the shepherds are ready and waiting (Howard, Ben and Lynda (maybe more?)), and pet lambs are being hoped for by Liliana so she can feed them (but NOT by Lynda!)


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It sounds as if all is in readiness. This is always a stressful time for you, getting little sleep and staying constantly watchful. You are all in my prayers that all lambs are safely delivered and will do well, and yows, too. Does Liliana plan to make all of the lambs her pets? If so, she may be in for a little disappointment!

I didn't realise just how much preparation that you have to do before the lambing begins. What an eye-opener! Every good wish for this years lambing; I hope all goes well.

Hope all goes well, can't wait to see sheep and then lambs. Roll on Spring!

I hope everything goes ok,I cant wait to see the baby lambs !

Good luck to you all.

Good luck to all.

I am sure we all hope for happy, healthy lambs. It will be lovely to see them when they are ready to come out.