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A Giant Leap For Sheepkind

The Neil Armstrong of the sheep world takes a small step for sheepkind....

The Neil Armstrong of the sheep world takes a small step for sheepkind onto the strange new white surface that has appeared in their world. After giving it a good sniff and a look, this intrepid sheep bravely takes a small step onto the strange surface, soon to be followed by one giant leap (quite literally) for sheep kind!!!

What is this strange white surface? Is it a gift from ZoRg? Has the Winter come very early on this patch of the LambWatch field? It doesn't smell like it!

Space Sheep

The white surface that we see in front of webcam is new horticultural fleece that Lynda put down last week to protect some newly sown meadow seeds from peckish mouths and beaks.


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'To boldly go where no sheep have gone before' - eek!, I'm outta here, lol.

Haha... that is funny to watch especially when the sheep first came up to the fleece with its head moving this way and that! Very sheepish! Literally! lol. I bet it hadn't leapt like that since it was an itty bitty lamb.. Well done Milly for commenting on it in chat..

Whoops! Too funny!

Thanks Margaret,It was soo funny !

Forgot to mention how much I loved the spaceship Dan A nice touch! lol

What a comical sight. You should send it to "You've been Framed" and get some money from them for showing the clip on their tv programme. I shall smile every time I look at the webcam and see the four little footprints on the fleece.

Ha ha ha . They are so suspicious of anything new !


I like the introduction to this clip Dan,!Great imagination !Mind of information Lol

More and more footprints are appearing on the fleece. Not too many more flying sheep, though.

Rumour has it those were not his first words. As a child, he had quarrelsome neighbours by the name of Minsky. Playing in his garden he heard yet another row. Mrs Minsky allegedly said "sex, you'll get sex when that kid next door walks on the moon". His actual first words are rumoured to have been "good luck Mr Minsky"