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Lynda sows wetland hay meadow mix

Lynda does a grand job of preparing and sowing a wetlands meadow seed mix (EM8) in front of cam.

Due to a broken ancient drain, we have a bit of a problem with a wet area of land just in front of the webcam. As part of the plan to solve the problem we have (Lynda has) scattered a bag of wetland meadow mix seeds (EM8) from Emorsgate Seeds (more info here on what's included in the bag) in the worst area.

She then carefully covered the area with horticultural fleece to protect the newly sown seeds from the birds and hens to give them the best chance to establish.

We aren't sure how long the fleece will remain undisturbed by the animals and wildlife on the farm, knowing their curiosity, but hopefully it should be long enough for the seeds to at least bed in and establish.

We are looking forward to the grand unveiling when we will hopefully be able to see early signs of what could be a very pretty patch of meadow indeed which should be home to lots of good friendly insects.


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lol zoom to 4 mins exactly for a sing song

I had the joy of watching this live. But I thought that white sheeting was plastic. Horticulural fleece sounds like a great idea - never heard of it.

Oh, I like the hymn-sing! I missed that the first time around.

What a good job jobbed Lynda!! You worked well and it looks very good. I did enjoy your hymn singing too and very appropriate for this time of the year! What height will these plants grow to? It will be lovely to see them growing. Thanks Dan for making Lynda's hard work a highlight as I was out at the time and would have missed it.

If anybody is interested in doing something similar for their garden, and would like to sow some wild flower seeds, do have a look at Emorsgate Seeds. They have packs for all sorts of habitats: heathlands, wetlands, bogs, allsorts, so there will definitely be something for your garden. And wildflowers like these attract so many insects and bees you will be amazed. Emorsgate Seeds are also a very good supplier of seeds and they get their seed from reputable UK sources.

Good on ya Lynda,! Well done I

Brilliant job Lynda - well done and I wish you every success with this venture. The future will bear testimony to the effort you have applied.