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Buzz Buzz

A little buzzy creature introduces himself to the LambWatchers briefly. Blink and you miss it!

A little buzzy creature introduces himself to the LambWatchers for a brief moment. Blink and you miss it! Perhaps he is looking for somewhere to shelter from the incoming storms this afternoon / tomrrrow!


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Whatever that was, I'm glad it was on the other side of the lens

I.ll second that Margaret ! i hate the things !

If that was a bee, and I think it was, be kind to them, as they are keeping our crops - our fruits and veggies - alive and propagating, and they are being wiped out by pesticides and the likes of Monsanto corporation's crops. If we don't have bees, we won't have food, and statistics show them as endangered. (PS, I don't like them either, up close and personal.)

Well said Helen... we all know that bees are important for the reasons you mentioned and they won't sting people unless they are attacked, unlike wasps which will sting anyone at anytime for no reason at all.

Apparently, from Lynda's comment in Chat, it was a wasp. I dislike them even more, and I don't think they are endangered. It was certainly curious about the lens, but not for long - very quick visit.

I read there is a shortage of wasps this year - good! I hate the pesky things. They spoil your picnic/bbq and eat your fences.

Wow! Closeup bee.