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Howard versus sheep

Howard rugby tackles a sheep so that he can check its bag for milk.

Howard rugby tackles a sheep and gets dragged around the LambWatch field so that he can check its bag for milk. Some of the sheep are "one papped" meaning that they only produce milk on one side of the bag. Others have too much milk, especially if they have just one single lamb.

Good effort, Dad!


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Nice one ! She looks like a strong ewe.

Goodness gracious! I heard about the rugby tackle on the sheep but didn't think it was so energetic. I hope Howard was okay after all that struggle.

Oh, my goodness! Howard 1, Yow 0. Those characters play rough! I hope the after-effects of that tumble aren't too serious!

Hehehee - she was a fighter!

Not bad for a near 70 year old with even worse back pains now !!

Notice the covert creeping up on the sheep at the beginning of the clip, trying to distract the sheep from the oncoming lunge with tasty bread treats !!

I hope that Howard can manage to walk ok tomorrow - his right side and shoulder seemed to hit the ground hard. If he finds a secret cure for back pain please let me know.

I am going to sign Howard up for the season with Leeds Rhino's.They need a good Prop Forward. Hope Howard didn't hurt his back tto much..

I was watching at the time,Then i saw Howard being dragged along the ground ! I thought he,d had an accident,Then Lynda told us what happened ! Brave man !!!

My niece, who is young mother with an 8-year-old, is new to Lambwatch, and I sent her the link for this video. She thought all sheep were gentle, docile creatures till she watched this.

animal husbandry in action