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Fools Gold

Our new spherical bird feeder makes a fool of a bird of prey, hoping to catch a cheeky snack!

This highlights video was spotted by LambWatcher Margaret. A large bird of prey swiftly visited our new spherical bird feeder yesterday. I wonder if it thought the feeder was some kind of egg or nest from which it was hoping to snatch a tasty meal?

You can clearly see the cogs whirring as it realised very soon after landing on our feeder that it was somewhat tougher than expected and so quickly decided to scarper!

Thoughts please as to what species this is! It's got very yellow feet. and, from what I can quickly see, a stripey underside of its tail:

Bird of prey


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Could be a female sparrowhawk

I'm pretty sure it's a sparrowhawk, Dan - a female. What a great sight! Nice spot Margaret. Yes, it could have been scoping out what it thought was a nest. It's probably been watching the feeder, noticing the small birds going in and out all the time. Perhaps it thought there was one still in there. Sparrowhawk > [link]

Definitely a female sparrowhawk! What a treat to see her! Yellow feet and banded tail are the best markers in this brief encounter, and not too big a bird. What a shock she must have received to land on a plastic ball! They are apparently common in people's gardens.

Wow, what a good photo and video of the sparrowhawk. I didn't see it come into the picture, I only caught a glimpse of it when it landed on top of the feeder.