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"Ill Met By Moonset"

On Saturday morning the stars were aligned and the camera was able to catch a "Moonset"!

Watch the "moonset" over the hills in the west in the early hours of Saturday morning! Thanks to LambWatcher Helen for spotting this rare sight! The clip speed has been increased to compress the moonset into 44 seconds


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Thanks so much, Dan, for posting this! It's terrific - and looks just as I thought it might look if it were speeded up! I've never seen the moon on Lambwatch before, so I was fascinated. Thanks!

I saw Helen's post about the moonset the other day and went on the archive to watch it, but it's much better speeded up. Thanks.

Thanks to Helen for noticing the 'moonset' and thanks also to Lynda for setting the webcam slightly higher so that the moon was visible. It was a fascinating sight! Thanks to you too Dan for putting it on highlights.


Briliant thank you for showing that at speed. linda from north warwickshire