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Tuppin' Time!

It's that time of the year again! The new daddy has arrived to do his thing! He hasn't wasted any time!

He was a bit camera shy to start with when he first arrived at the farm yesterday but 24 hours into his time at Marlfield Farm he is happy to go about his duties in full view of the Internet!

In this clip he serenades a young lady for a while. It's quite interesting to watch their behaviour and at one point he even decides to go about headbutting the female!

At the end of the video it gets replayed again with twice speed, just for comedy effect!


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"Oh, lass, do stand still!" She's very coy, isn't she? I think that's either Harriy or Lloyd.

He certainly took a shine to her and woo'ed her beautifully. It seemed to me that she was saying 'well go on then.. do your duty'

Haha - nice job. Fascinating to watch, not to mention funny. All that 'pawing' and gentle coaxing. Half the time it's obvious that the ewe is already happy to oblige! I think it's pretty much a cert that there will be more lambs about in the field next year.


I like the whispered remarks. I wonder what he's saying?

Not in front of the cam Dear everybodies watching,Stop rushing me I have to get to know you first,Thats better give us a kiss.I am standing for you well if you give us another kiss I might let you but I am just going out of the view of the cam so no-one see us...

"Don't ewe want me baby?" Guess mom and dad told the boy to respect the ladies wishes and make sure she's really interrested. before you make any rash moves. Good footage! Not every day a city dweller sees these sheepy goings-on.

Its the first time ive seen the tup !He looks more like a Bull Mastiff !!!

I think the tup needs a few lessons in foreplay - I am sure head butting is not very romantic !! I shall look forward to seeing lots of little black faced lambs in a few months.

I'm with Milly - I thought I looked like a large woolly dog.

That was the tup speaking. Either that or I "wasn't there" when I wrote it. He does look like a large pooch.

How long will the tup be with the sheep? Some of the ladies seem not to have succumbed to the tup's charms yet..

The tup wil be here for another six weeks yet......the shy sheep he hasnt visited yet are just now becoming interested in his presence!!

I wonder if the shy sheep are the 'first timers' He has plenty of time to woo them and he seems to be a patient tup. Thanks for letting me know Lynda.

I'm glad he's around for a prolonged visit. I hope they are all having fun.