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Happy Soggy Halloween!

The pouring rain didn't stop Lynda from providing Halloween trinkets for the sheep and LambWatchers!

Despite battling against the elements and the solid interior of a turnip, Lynda was still able to put on some Halloween goodies for the sheep and LambWatchers.

A bat, kindly obtained from the co-op (corp), and a well chisselled out turnip made their way onto the LambWatch stage last night, but it was no easy task. The rain kept putting out the candle from the turnip lantern and his temporary hat, in the form of a saucer, didn't last long in the face of candle-heat either (go into the video to 13 mins and 30 seconds)! But the LambWatchers were / are forever grateful for the effort she puts in!

Later on, in the early hours, the sheep came along to investigate the bat and turnip, and decided they fancied a midnight feast!

Happy Halloweeeeen!


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This was a huge effort on your part, Lynda, and very entertaining for the rest of us. It was such a wet night to be out decorating. I love the muttered comments as the video progresses! But thanks for getting in the spirit of Hallowe'en, even if the insensitive sheep didn't really appreciate it. I did! Can't wait, now, for the pics of Lily in her Hallowe'en costume!

When the plate breaks it makes a distinctive clank, as if the Ghost of Marlfield Past is rattling his chains. It clanked again when the sheep arrived, which was my clue that they had arrived for their midnight feast!

Good on ya Lynda ! Good fun !!

Lynda, you are one of the best! Thank you for going to all that bother with the turnip lantern last night. It was most appreciated by us even though the sheep were not ) Sorry about your saucer!

Lynda,All your hardwork with the halloween ligh/turnip is much apprieciated by us all. Thanks for a great evening and Thanks to Dan for putting the highlight together.

Many, many thanks Lynda for thinking about us Lambwatchers and struggling out into a very wet night to place a Halloween lantern by the sign. Sorry that the sheep didn't appreciate it as much as us. Once again many thanks for your efforts ..... and also thanks to Dan for downloading the video.

thanks, Lynda!!!!