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Hedgehog Rummaging About

Who's this little fella wandering the stage at all hours? He looks to be having a good rummage through the grass!

Who is this little mammal wandering the fields at all hours? It looks like it could be a hedgehog. Do you agree? It's great to know that despite their habitat destruction elsewhere in the country, hedgehogs can still, and always will be able to, find a home at LambWatch HQ, Marlfield Farm in Earby.


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Yes, this little fella has been wandering around the garden and the farmyard for the last three weeks or so. He is about three quarters grown and first announced his presence by rattling a spoon round a dish of food I had left out for the hens and forgotten about !! Couldnt work out what the noise was at about midnight till I looked out of the bedroom window and saw the hedgehog clearing up what the hens had left !! Bless 'im

Yes!, definitely a Hedgehog Dan, lovely harmless little creatures, helpful to Gardeners by controlling the slug population. So many are killed, often needlessly, by traffic so they survive much better in a rural environment. I sometimes find them wandering in the street and pick them up, putting them in my back garden for safety. It's quite easy to lift them even with your bare hands, provided you hold them correctly and gently - those spines are sharp wrong way round!, lol. Best Wishes.

Time to reread Wind in the Willows....

What a lovely little creature! I wish I could see him more clearly. I realise that he is not full-grown but I did expect him to be bigger. A nice addition to Marlfield Farm.

Beautiful little hedgehog and was there quite a while looking for slugs/worms. They also eat dog/cat food thats what I put down on a saucer for the ones that are in my front garden.

Glad to see you folks are taking care of our young spiny freind(s). I hear they make fairly good pets but are not very hugable.Have never seen any hedgehogs in this part of the country. They usually only show up in specialty pet shops for fairly stiff prices.

So pleased to see a little hedgehog has come to live at Marlfield Farm - hope he stays safe. When I chatted regularly on LW there was someone who lived at the bottom of the Farm driveway who kept a pet hedgehog in an old dog kennel - perhaps this one is from the same hedgehog family. I hope he enjoys his life at the Farm and stays around for a few years.