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Hello Liliana!

The youngest Procter makes an appearance on LambWatch with mum Gayle, grandma Lynda and uncle Dan.

Happy Liliana comes to say hello to the Internet and to the LambWatchers with mum Gayle, grandma Lynda and uncle Dan.


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Welcome Liliana to the Lambwatch Community. What a grand debut! It was lovely to see you and look forward to seeing you again soon Thank you for the clip Dan. I missed the earlier visit to the cam with Gayle and Liliana so it was great to be able to see what I missed. Liliana is a beautiful little girl.

What a beautiful clip !,something to keep forever !!

Thanks for all the big smiles Liliana - you are now a little worldwide star of Lambwatch. It was great to see Gayle, Lynda and not forgetting Uncle Dan - you all look very well. Thanks Dan for letting us see how your little niece is growing.

What a beautiful little girl. And how lucky she is to have such an adoring family. We hope for many more appearances on Camera, but someone is going to have to buy her some little tiny wellies. Thank you for the guest appearance.

Just watched this again and realise that she sings, too! Give her a couple of years and she'll discover that she has a huge fan base - she'll be making daily appearances!

This was a special treat for us. Hello Liliana and Gale. Great to see all.

It was so nice to see you all and the beautiful baby. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely Video Clip

How precious! What a happy, beautiful little girl. Thanks and hello to all the Procters!

Hello all! So pleased you liked my debut! I enjoyed it too and hope to see you all again soon. I agree that some wellies would be good idea if I am a good girl i may get some for next time! Love and kisses Lili xxx

Liliana, I was delighted to see you on the camera. I've been waiting for you to visit all of us. You're a lucky little girl to live on the LW farm. I hope we can see you again, especially with your wellies.

marlaina here, ahhhh little liliana so cutie pie. she will be running around after the lambs soon and helping howard. lol stuff toy lambwatch sheep who made it? hi gayle and lynda and dan.

thats nice and good sound,it would be good always,God Bless in Jesus name,greetings from brian,vihti, Finland

Hello from Manchester. I've watched before but only late in the evening. I've now got the opportunity to visit during the day. I know the area a little as my husband hails from a village not that far away.

Her intro to the world! She is beautiful! Needs boots!