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Happy Halloween Sheep!

Our new sheep investigate the spooky new arrival at the LambWatch sign!

Our new mule sheep find the new arrival perched on our LambWatch sign interesting! Happy Halloween!

Thanks to LambWatcher Joanna for saving this video and posting a link to it on our chat room!


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Mule Sheep? It's a wonderful clip, many thanks to Joanna, but I don't understand about the mule sheep. Thanks for the entertainment - it's very funny.

The mule sheep are ten new sheep we have bought to beplace some of the "old girls" which have left the farm this summer. It is a breed of sheep other than the Texels that we have normally. They have mottled faces rather than the plain white Texel face. Hope this helps

Many thanks for adding this clip, the new sheep appear to be very careful in their investigation - those guys aren't about to rush into anything it seems, but who can blame them it is Halloween after all - spooky!! Hope you all have a very happy Halloween.

Many thanks, Lynda - I was confused because with donkeys, the mules are sterile, and I couldn't imagine you taking on a flock of sterile yows. Harry and Lloyd are going to feel right at home with all those funny faces.

masked sheep hehe nice bat flying somewhat