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Sheep Trampoline!

Poor mum sheep just wants to catch a few winks but her kids don't let her! They want to use her as a trampoline!

There's no rest for the wicked at LambWatch HQ - just as mum sheep was thinking of nodding off, up come the kids and start using her as a trampoline!

When lambs start doing this, it is a clear indication that they are completely at ease with the world! Who wouldn't be? If you were a lamb, in the temperatures we had over Easter, life is goood!

I wonder what the sheep was thinking?


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"Come on mum, geron yer feet! Yer sat on me gameboy!"

Excelent stuff!!

It cross my mind that the lambs were trying to get mum to stand up so that they could have a feed.... a great clip

I love the resigned way the sheep was looking at the camera... you can imagine her thoughts.... " its alright for you lambwatchers watching all this - I have to put up with it night and day !! "

lol do you think she had the "gayle platt" look? :|

probably !! I know I would !!

So glad I was on when this happened. Thanks for the clip Dan, Fantastic!!!



Soooo funny, first time seeing that happen.

Poor old Mum. But what fun for the children (lamb children, that is.).

Lambs...they are always up to something. So funny to watch.

best site or thing on the internet!

i love lambs i live next to some lol


This reminds me of when my son was little. Funny how human these animals can sometimes behave. Very cute indeed!

soo cute