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Easter Hot Air

During half time of Coronation St. an unexpected fleet of about 10 hot air balloons passed over the farm!

To our surprise, during the half time break of Coronation Street, a fleet of about 10 hot air balloons passed over the farm!

It was all rather exciting as they were flying quite low and you could hear them firing up the "engines"! We could even say hello to one of the balloons!

Not sure what the balloons were in aid of or why there were passing over but I imagine it must have been some kind of Easter event!

Not sure the sheep were too keen on the balloons flying so low but they were here and gone in the space of about 10 mins and it was all quite exciting for us! It was a bit like something out of Independence Day!


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It was a lovely experience to see. Oh to have been in one of them!

Wonderful to see--the only hot air we have around here is from politicions---general election one week from today in Canada. And the weather in England!! As you would say--fab!

Politicians that should be.

Thank you for the hot air baloon flight over your place,it was a nice surprise. here in Florida.

The sheep looked very impressed by the balloons. The balloons were beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

How lovely to see this, up up away again.

I cannot imagine anything more heavenly than to have been in one of those balloons flying over the Proctor faarm. And how hilarious that one person had hung out his laundry!

This video was great fun to watch. It must have been a beautiful sight, and such a beautiful day, weather-wise. Thanks for putting it up to share with the rest of us (who are still shivering over here in North America!).

must have been surreal.i mean to be on the farm and out of nowhere...boom ballons.