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Indoor Lambing Live

This video features Howard and Lynda assisting with the birth of twins inside the lambing barn at LambWatch HQ

This footage was taken late on Friday evening in the LambWatch barn. It features a sheep lambing live, giving birth to twins.

The lambs were large and the sheep had difficulty giving birth to them so Howard gave them a helping hand. It was a tough job and involved the use of a piece of string tied around the lamb's legs to pull on but it was a success in the end.

This family is now happily grazing in the LambWatch field and you can identify it as it is the only mother that has one horn

Little Game: How many references to telly programmes / films can you spot in this clip?


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Thanks for the clip Dan... and to your mum who rather upstaged the birth with her impression of -classicvillageidiot- lol. Good one Lynda Seriously though... how do you know when it is time to intervene with a birth.. what are the signs?

hiya Margaret, the sign that its time to intervene is the appearance of the water bag from the sheep. Or, as was the case with the dead born, is that the sheep shows signs of preparing to birth (scratching, vacant, licking lips, isolation), for a good good long while. The sheep that gave birth to a dead-born was preparing for a good 2 days but just never got on with it. When we investigated, the cause of this was that the first lamb was dead so it would never have been born. Miraculously, 2 alive ones followed

Is that the same with all the sheep that need assistance or are there other signs that you need to help?

Thank you for posting this clip which I was lucky enough to watch live. Now I can share it with friends.