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Owl Watch!

We were treated to a 10 minute owly display in the early hours of 5th September!

The owls are back! Thanks to the keen eyes of our 24 hour LambWatch community, we were fortunate enough to catch this brief 10 minute window in the early hours of September 2010 of a pair of owls as they spend a few moments taking in the sights and sounds of LambWatch from the lofty perch of the sign! Towards the end of the clip we are even treated to a tune from the resident owl as it calls to its friends to come and join in (which they do!!)... and quite spookily too!

Nature at it's most natural...

Incidentally, and quite interestingly, it is almost two years to the very day since the owls last made their appearance on the LambWatch webcam! Back in early September of 2008, we were also lucky to catch sight of an owl... is it the same owl!? Early September must be a good time for Owl Watch!

Here is a link to the 2008 Owl Sighting.


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Lovely! This is so exciting. When I first saw them, both were on the sign at the same time for a few seconds, one perhaps feeding the other. Wshat a treat to see them, and to capture them on video. Thanks so much, Dan!

Suggestion: Find out what kind of owl it is and put up an Owl Box, maybe they'll nest and have little owletts next year.thank you so much for this beauty of nature.

They are tawny owls. Their cry identified them. There is a nesting pair on the farm.

What a treat! Thanks to the Lambwatch friends who noted this. I wonder if this is a young owl still learning how to catch his food. Three times he went down to the ground but it was difficult to say if he was lucky. A kamikazi owl chased the youngster(?) away ...

brilliant Dan.... what a great clip !! A bit of a territorial scrap at the end it seems

Great clip. Thanks for ensuring the cam was working and for putting food out for the mices, Lynda., Now I am off to watch 2008 clip. Beautiful birds.

Thanks Dan, it is so nice to see them flying freely in their natural environment.

Great clip!

The owl was around again early in the morning of September 16th, just briefly.

Glad to see what they lookup close. Hope to see the owl again soon.

wow the owl!.. i want to see the squirrel also. what a great site.i bet he is after vthe mice what are after the birdseed