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Peaceful Poetry and Woodpecker Family!

Howard recites poetry on a peaceful Summer's eve while two woodpeckers return to the feeder!

Surrounded by Nature, Howard enjoys a glass of wine on a peaceful mid-summer's evening while reciting some lines of poetry to the LambWatch webcam. Next morning two woodpeckers are spotted having a conversation over breakfast on the birdfeeder!

Happy Father's Day!


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what a great clip, first of Howard and Fabio and others who can to visit and then of the pair of woodpeckers this morning. Thanks Dan

Its great how you remember all the poetry so well Howard and the little lamb looks like it understands every word. I could never learn poetry but I like to listen to the works of famous poets. Hope to hear more poetry soon. I don't think that I have ever seen two woodpeckers on the feeder at the same time - they were certainly enjoying their breakfast chat.

My dad was also very fond of reciting poetry. Considering he was 91 it was quite a feat that he remembered poetry, considering he forgot a lot of other things. He could even recite them with the appropriate accent. Funny what stays with you all your life. I can still recite "Once more unto the breach" from Shakespeare's Henry V which we had to learn at school. Where I put the car keys five minutes ago however is a complete mystery!

Those sheep certainly do know their shepherd's voice, and follow him like pets. As for two woodpeckers, I wonder if one of these is a juvenile, being given lessons on how to eat from a feeder. A very beautiful clip to watch. Thanks, Dan.

I hope you enjoyed a happy Father's Day Howard after your peaceful time in the Lambwatch field last night with the lambs and sheep and listening to the various sounds of the evening. I was just about to close down my laptop when I heard your voice and was so glad to listen to your observations and recitation and to watch the lamb by your side. God bless.

Thank you Dan, this was a very enjoyable Clip to watch. So nice to hear Howard's observations and poetry. Not just one woodpecker but two!!, I am sure this is a good omen. All the best.

Howard very nice poetry and you are entiled to have a drink and relax for And very funny Birds chatting a way their also.