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A Visitor From Canada

Canadian LambWatcher Helen visits the LambWatch farm bearing authentic Canadian maple syrup!

Canadian LambWatch chat regular, Helen, makes a pilgrimage to Earby to visit the LambWatch HQ as part of a longer visit to England.

Helen arrived at the farm on the 19th May and spent the afternoon bottle feeding the pet lamb, getting a souvenir from Lottie and getting some good Yorkshire air!


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How fantastic is this. I'm sat here with a big grin on my face. Lovely to see Helen and her friend visiting the UK. Safe journeys on your travels. Take care...X

What a special treat to get to see Linda and Helen. And to hear Helen is great too. Helen you are a very dear friend. Be safe and God speed home. Love >>> Sue B.

I saw this the second time. lovely. I wish you have a nice visit in Great Britain , As you said 'nice next day and the day after and so on' till coming back happy.

Well, what a lovely clip of Helen and our Proud Flag !...Lynda has a Canadian accent for her Maple Syrup ! I thought that was just delightful ! I am so envious...

It was good to be able to watch Helen's visit once again and she enjoyed her visit as much as we did.

What a great clip this is. So nice to see Helen in person and hear her voice after chatting with her on Lambwatch every night. Hoping Helen enjoys each day of her UK visit and has a safe flight home.

Thanks Dan,for the clip,Its nice to put a face to a name. Enjoy your tour Helen,,

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Honestly, visiting the farm has been the highlight of my trip, and I can't imagine that neither London nor Cambridge can beat it. There are lots of hseep in Wales, but they are not Lambwatch sheep, not nearly so personable. I have a little bit of Lottie's wool in my suitcase, a treasure for sure.

hi helen glad you came to lambwatch to visit us at the came and proctor family. enjoy.

how wonderful to see you, Helen, at the farm! What a treat! I feel so silly, I was sitting here saying, " Hi, Helen! Hello, Helen!". I'm very happy for you!

Just looking at this clip again, three years later, as I show my niece around the site. What a lovely day that was at Lambwatch! Thanks again for the hospitality, Lynda!