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Lambs Playing At Night Time

Did you know that lambs also like to play and skip in the dark? Catch them in the infra-red at night!

We are used to seeing lambs skipping in the fields during the day, but did you know they also like to play in the darkness?! Thanks to LambWatch's infra-red webcam, you can watch them skipping and playing in the darkness at night time too! Of course, not every lamb wants to skip in the darkness! Some of them just want to sleep!

Lambs will play, skip and chase around in large groups whenever they feel completely safe and secure in their surroundings. The best time to see this is around sunset at dusk when the weather is warm and settled and when their bellies are full of milk!

You can often see the signs that the lambs are about to start playing. The lambs will start shaking their heads around, up and down, and will become a little bit twitchy. If you see this, it is only a matter of time before they start leaping, skipping and chasing!


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This was quite fascinating to watch, I had no idea that lambs played in the dark!, thanks Dan

dan thanks for explaning it to us. oh dan that was the clip we seen they are so cute.

Ягнята подросли, забавные!

very cute thank you

One is really trying to get his/her sibling to get in on the action, but no luck. Lovely to watch them. Thanks Dan.

Thank you for letting us see their adorable antics!

I was so pleased that you put this clip on highlights Dan.. thank you. I missed it first time round. It was so funny watching the one lamb trying to get his sibling to join in with the jumping about.

I think they look really cute,playful,collaborating

I am used to jump for joy too ! Sometimes.