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Lynda & Puss Look For Harry & Lloyd

Lynda and Pusscat go looking for Harry and Lloyd in the LambWatch field; last year's pet lambs!

Lynda and pusscat go looking for the pet lambs, Harry and Lloyd, in the LambWatch field. These are two female lambs from 2009 who were rejected by their mothers so were raised by Lynda. You can tell which ones are Harry and Lloyd because they have very dark faces, are very fat, and have floppy ears

Unfortunately, both Lynda and the Pusscat were unable to find Harry and LLoyd. They were obviously not hungry!


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Great to see Lynda and Pusscat... thanks Dan.. just arrived back home and it was a treat to see what I had missed while I was out.

Good to see the sheep enjoying eating the grass again after so many days of snow covered fields. Will look out for Harry and Lloyd. Thanks for trying to entice them in front of the camera Lynda. Lovely close-up of Pusscat.

Always enjoy Lynda's videos! A treat everytime thanks guys!!

This is sure cute

Intersting me that white colour along its muzzle. lovely.