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Feeding Sheep In Snow

Sheep must be fed extra hay snow. They are usually fed off- cam but today Howard fed them around the sign.

The snow makes life harder for everyone at the farm: water pipes freeze and burst, access is made a lot more difficult and the animals need more food. You may have noticed that the sheep have not been visible for a while during this snowy spell. This is not because they have become camouflaged by the snow. The reason for this is because Howard feeds them off-cam at the bottom of the LambWatch field where they get shelter from the wind and snow behind a wall. This morning though, Howard made an exception and fed them all a fresh bale of hay in front of the webcam around the sign! They were quite intrigued by the snowman too!


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A lot of extra work for Howard but entertaining for us. Thank you, Howard! And this is my first look at one of the hand-raised lambs all grown up. She still has her funny face! I wonder which bird that is that I am hearing? Thanks for this, Dan - quite a lovely sight!

Welcome home Dan and thanks for this clip - it's really good to be able to watch it again. Could the bird you're hearing be a robin Helen?

Thanks Howard for feeding your flock in full view of the webcam - I have not seen so many sheep since the lambs were in the field. Hope the weather improves very soon for both humans and animals. I shall enjoy watching this clip many, many times - thanks for ten minutes of pleasure.

Just to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous & Healthy 2010 Love from Angela & Rob XX

What a lovely peaceful clip to watch especially in such exceptional weather for this country.I have watched it over & over again.Nature always at it's best.Thank you so much for for giving us all this bit of escapism from the daily grind we currently suffer. I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas & the Very Best for 2010. Thank you again.

This actually brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Great love it bet them lads are hungry bess them. x

Didn't take long for them to smell the hay!, lol. Thanks Dan and Howard. Hope you all have a Very Happy New Year in 2010.