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Breakfast With Lynda and Lottie

Lynda enjoys a nice cup of tea at breakfast time with Lottie, who enjoys a good bit of attention!

Lottie, made famous by HenCam, enjoys a nice bit of attention and a good scratch from Lynda this morning in a chilly east wind! Notice the nice CUP-OF-TEA that Lynda has brought out into the cold - no doubt it is getting stone cold!

Lottie isn't a regular infront of the LambWatch webcam but she is anything but camera shy. You can spot Lottie as she has a big L on her side and she also has a long tail!


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The mutual affection between Lynda and Lottie is so enjoyable to watch .... what a gorgeous sheep Lottie is.

That is so beautiful to watch! Would that all our relationships with the animal world were as gentle and friendly as this. As for the large mug of tea - I have one the same size. The trick is keeping it warm all the way to the bottom! Thanks, Lynda, for this lovely clip of gentle, tame Lottie and yourself.

What a lovely sight, made me say awwwwwwwwww. Thanks for sharing moments like that with us all

An adult version of "Mary had a little lamb." Lottie follows Lynda wherever she goes. And how she (Lottie) loves to have her ears and head rubbed. Thanks for sharing.

I had the cam on all night listening to the owl and wind and I was awaken by someone fixing the roof! it was 3am here almost 8am there and I got up to watch Lynda and Lottie have tea! What a wonderful way to wake up !! lol thanks Lottie and Lynda

hi lynda ohh lottie so big girl hehe upclose how old is lottie now? lynda nice picture of yous thanks for sharing. alex

It's lovely to see Lottie still enjoying the finer things in life! Bless!

Thanks for this lovely clip of Lynda giving Lottie a big cuddle - what a sweet natured sheep Lottie is. You can see by her face she relishes the affection and attention given to her by Lynda - so sweet to watch such a tame sheep.

All I can say is watching that just fills my heart...!!

thanks for letting us share your world,its a blessing.

i want a sheep

What a sweet little girl... bless! You certainly made my morning, Margaret. Try to stay warm! (I think I will make myself a cup of tea now.)

I watch these from Germany when I'm home sick. We want to adopt a rescue sheep at some point and hope it is as loving and the beautiful Lottie

Very lovely sight. I love Lottie too. It is the first time for me to see such relation between human and sheep. I thought sheeps don't like to be in relation with human. I see Lynsa knows how to approach.