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Lynda Models LambWatch T-Shirt

Lynda models a LambWatch T-Shirt: one of hundreds of LambWatch branded items for sale in our shop!

Did you know that there are a wealth of LambWatch branded items for sale in our LambWatch shop ranging from T-shirts and jumpers, to mugs and coffee flasks?

LambWatch Mug LambWatch Tote Bag

Lynda elegantly models one of the Original LambWatch T-shirts, featuring the lambs of 2007 on a backdrop of the LambWatch field and the farm house.

If you like LambWatch and want to help spread the word as well as support the farm, why not get your hands on one of these incredibly fashionable items and send us a picture of it!

Did you know you can also help support LambWatch in many other ways - even when you shop online! For more information, visit our support page.


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Well done Lynda, the catwalk awaits you.

You did a smashing job of modelling the Lambwatch T-shirt Lynda. I sent for the Lambwatch Tote bag last year and have found it very useful especially for shopping as it holds quite a lot.

well done mum The picture on the t-shirt is very good even though i say so myself!

Oh Linda, you're such a hoot!! LOL Well Done!

Cool Lynda Girls say .

awwww the lamb at the beggining nice T-shirt!

Kate Moss, eat your heart out !!....LOL. Well done Lynda, that was great

A great second career awaits you! Knock'em dead on the catwalk!!