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Lynda Fixes Cam After Squirrel Attack!

The pesky squirrel makes hard work for Lynda as it knocks the webcam out of line after gorging!

The pesky squirrel makes hard work for Lynda and Howard after it decided to knock the webcam out of line by scrambling over the webcam. It knocked the webcam 90 degrees out of line giving LambWatchers cricked necks for for a good hour until good ol' Lynda came along to fix it several times, making sure it is nicely in line so the LambWatchers can continue to enjoy watching the birds (and the squirrel again!) at the birdfeeder. Thank you Lynda for all your hard work it is very much appreciated. The squirrel certainly picks its timings!

Notice also how the little squirrel can be seen on the grass shortly after it has destroyed the webcam, looking a bit dazed and confused!


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Poor Lynda you must have walked a mile repairing the damage done by the squirrel - I am sure he is sorry. We are so grateful for all your hard work as well as your technical knowledge of the webcam - well done also to Howard. This is such a good clip that I shall watch it over and over again.

Lynda and Howard you are diamonds! Now we know where Dan gets his persistence, patience and perfectionism. Well done to both of you and thank you too. Pesky Squirrel!!!!... lol.

Well, squirrels need to eat too. Many thanks for keeping things going though.

Ha Ha, I love this! Been missing Howard and Lynda. Thank you both so much for your patience. If that had been my hubby and me trying to figure it out, you probably couldn't play it over the internet!! and then someone would probably be having squirrel stew for dinner that evening as well. lol.

Lynda, you are the best! Watching the expressions on your face makes this a wonderful performance. Thank you so much for keeping us all in line and on line!

Now.. THAT is the epitome of persistent determination, patience and grace under fire....Bravo Lynda..!! Well done...!

Wowwww Lynda nice to see you sideway's hehe. That smartypant's did it turned it side way's he's back SQUIRREL in the community of lambwatch cam. He came back to bug you Lynda, pour you coming and going to fix cam. Thanks for doing it.

Thank's Howard for helping too.

I just watched this again. It is the funniest performance! You two should be on the stage. Thanks for the fun - though you must have felt really aggravated.

Lynda deserves a cuppa for sure after all that work!! Good show.


lol cant leeve it for 10 seconds.hahaha

Now I first noticed the farm is located not far from the see. Nice area

plase keepup thegood workmostentertainingwatchhing upeole

they are so funny to watch.have any phesants returned?