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Greedy Pink And White Pants Men!

The squirrel joins the woodpecker for an afternoon gorge and a pants show at the new-look birdfeeder!

Since the new layout, there has been a hive of activity at the birdfeeders. The woodpecker can be seen more often than not gorging itself at the seemingly endless supply of fat balls surrounded by masses of smaller birds. That woodpecker's belly is starting to look more like a barrel every day but yet he / she still goes on to feed itself constantly! This afternoon, the woodpecker displays its bright red behind to the world wide web and soon after, the squirrel joins in the pants show and uses the water tray as a platform, showing off his shiney white underside, holding onto the birdfeeder like a periscope while he scoffs away. Greedy so-and-sos!


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No more pants please! Very entertaining. How fat is that woodpecker?

I know everyone hates the squirrel but I love him - thanks for making this clip showing his antics.

It seems to me that there is something very unseemly about showing off that much underwear! But thanks for these clips - they are lovely highlights, and great fun to watch. Gotta love those woodies, the whole greedy family of them.

Look at the size of the tummy on that little Woodpecker. Yes lovely pink knickers, while squirrel shows us his white Long Johns..!! Quite the unashamed display of belly's and bottoms..

Every time I look at these clips I laugh right out loud!

Oh no I was actually waiting for a man in white and pink pants to streak across! Soz! (Squirel will do tho!) wonder if you have ever had a streaker or something mental like that happen!?

Wow! I never saw such a fat woodpecker! LOL! That squirrel is darn cute! Ha! Ha!

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