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Fuelled By Bread

Just look how a bap or two of leftover stale bread affects the spirits of these insane animals!

The LambWatch sheep and lambs just love bread! Look how one or two scraps of bread affects their spirits! Perhaps there is something in the sesame seeds? Or perhaps that floury base sends their blood sugar racing? All we know, is that it sends them bonkers lol

Keep an eye also on the lambs at the back as they hurtle towards the sign...


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What a hoot!! Some pretty lively leaping going on. A real free-for-all! Thanks, Dan!

A little bread, a chicken, and some sheep. Who says that you have to spend money for good entertainment? Thanks, Dan!

Yep it's working now. Lots of fun bits. Like the sheep at the start having a good scratch at the sign and all the jumping and squabbling. I hope the hen didn't get trampled!

wow cool to see them upclose they are so big lambs. hehe poor bird feeder gets a kick. great cool dude thanks

This is a great clip Dan. I was surprised to see the lambs could still jump so high. Wonderful!

Wow! You do seem to have much more sheep than last year. Funny to see them all running and jumping Thanks for sharing

aww...love it. I'm glad the lams can still jump and play. Thank so much, Dan.

Sheep stampede LOL

Funny...very funny! Do you suppose there was a trace of mold on the bread?

I love it when they leap like that. So cute and playful. Like they are "leaping for joy"!

Whenever I need a good chuckle, I take another look at this clip. They are so funny, especially the chunkier ones who don't quite fit under the sign anymore.

cool to see them again. dan

Eight months later I am still laughing at this. Thanks for putting it back up to keep us smiling as we wait for the next young ones to arrive. Whenever I need a laugh, I take a look at these silly sheep!

Now that was hilarious! Like Blue smarties for children!