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Clipping Ranvir

A short extract from the sheep shearing footage featuring the first sheep to be clipped: Ranvir!

This is a snippet from the sheep shearing footage we took with the camcorder. This clip features the first sheep to be clipped, which happened to be Ranvir! Full footage of the shearing and footage from the lambing season of 2009 is available in the LambWatch Uncut 2009 DVD.


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After watching the clip, i wonder how many woolly jumpers i could have knitted out of the fleeces. If only i could use a spinning wheel. lol

Thank you for sharing this snippet of shearing the sheep. I was just amazed how calm they are when they are being sheared. It has to be back breaking work.Very interesting. Thanks again!

Thanks Dan, for the clip. Great watching. How well behaved she and her friends were.

Nice to see that, it is my first time to see shearing. (The left worker looks more profesional but don't tell that..)