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Under Cover Of Darkness

We were aware the fatballs were going down too quickly but couldn't believe it was just from bird activity...!

We were aware that the bird feeder fat balls were going down very quickly and did not believe that it was all down to the birds. We knew the squirrel visits from time to time but even with that, they still went down very quickly! Well thanks to LambWatcher Jaqui we now have the answer as to why we have to keep topping up those fat balls on daily basis! It's the sheep! Watch this sheep come up to the fat balls and have a good munch on them for a good couple of minutes under the cover of darkness!

Special thanks to LambWatcher Jaqui for going to the effort to capture and create this video and tell me about it! Thank you!


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Not at all surprised!

That is so funny and amazing!

Just who was that fat ball thief? She sure likes her snack. Thanks Jaqui that was just too cute!

I'm glad you enjoyed the clip. I saw the feeder being moved this evening so you obviously took the incident to be a serious offence! My Real Player lets me record video clips from Camsteams just by clicking on a tab whilst watching the live broadcast. once the footage was on my Realplayer it was easy to upload it to YouTube. Thanks again for the best CamStream going ..It certainly beats my 'End of the Road' from my kitchen window! XX

I saw that happen in real too and I commented about it in chat. Hilarious as is seeing one of the pet lambs trying to climb the feeder as happened twice tonight.

With apologies to Robert Service, Canadian poet, "There are strange things done 'neath the midnight sun By the sheep that toil for treats. The Yorkshire Dales have their secret tales Of thieves that make nowt a bleat. The northern lights have seen weird sights But the weirdest they ever did see, Was a sheep with a bite, like a thief in the night, That stole all the fatballs we see.

Thanks for starting my day with a laugh! I knew every diet should have some fat. It was so cute how the little one at the end tried and tried but just couldn't reach the treats. Helen, you're a terrific poet or would you prefer "poetess"?

This video is amazing! I laughed at the way they "take turns". Well done. Thanks John ans Jaqui

smartypants squirrels tot the sheep eat fatballs crazyyy. hehe

For Betty and all - if you haven't seen it yet, there is something on Forum called "To Make you Smile" which has all three verses of the poem on it. It kept growing in my head as I thought of this naughty sheep.

Aww the poor little one couldnt reach at the end lol so sweet lol

I hope the manufacturer of the fatballs gets to see this clip as it would make such a good commercial.

Wonderful Jaqui. And thanks for re-introduction to Robert Service thro Sam McGee.

I spotted the sheep doing this live on eb cam was quite amusing.

That is so cute and funny!

I love how they use the sign as a back scratcher. That hungry one is truly a bugger!

aw that poor little one at the end couldnt get up high enough to get some, bless!