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Lambs Scrapping

Watch the lambs have one of their regular evening scrapping sessions around the sign!

The sign is about the right height now for it to be perfect for the lambs to have a good scratch on. On nice evenings like tonight, they tend to gang up around the sign and have a brawl, with absolutely no concern for their surroundings.... Watch how the poor bird feeder gets taken out in the cross fire!


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LOL, that was funny, I didnt see the feeder fly off when it was live.

Now is that just play or were they seriously bullying each other?

Margaret, probably a bit of both... they do scrap and play but there is bound to be a bit of "pecking order" establishment going on. It's all nature though

Thanks Dan... I thought it might be something like that.. even the hens do the same I believe.

I saw it live but it's much more effective in slow motion! Thanks, Dan! They are funny creatures, and not so small now that they couldn't do a little damage.

i can't believe how big they've gotten!


I think some of this year's lambs are crossed with goats as they always seem to enjoy a game of head butting! Anyway they seem to enjoy themselves which is the main thing.

welllll, since I'm an aries and my name in Welsh means little lamb, guess I better bookmark the site..family history and such..bahh!

lol how funny!!

them lambs are tough

they fat lambs!!