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A bit o' Yorkshire dry stone wallin'

Featurin' Dan and Howard fixin' the bit o' dry stone wallin' that collapsed a few nights ago.

Dry stone walls are a distinct feature of the Yorkshire Dales and they are few and far between anywhere else in England. The majority of the field borders at this farm are made by dry stone walls. Anyway, now and again they will fall over or partly collapse, and need repairing. It's a long task but thankfully this particular wall only collapsed a little bit so it didn't take too long. This clip features Dan and Howard fixing the dry stone wall that collapsed near to the webcam post. There is also a bit o' runnin' commentary on the method of fixin' a dry stone wall.


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A really interesting clip with clear instructions on how to build a stone wall. Excellent repair job which hopefully will last another century. The speeded up sections of the film made me smile - if only hard work was that easy !

Dan ..My Father, by trade ( Is retired of course ) a stonemason, bricklayer. He would get such a kick out of this clip. Over the years he has built many walls like that. No cement, just sheer know how. It is quite an art. Perfect job !!! Looks like it was never disturbed. I have a theory that perhaps Zorg miscalculated and beamed through the wall on entering the field.. instead of going over..and brought the wall with him..

dan good job doing it

I loved this, having seen so many of those walls on my travels, and know it is really an art form. Loved the fast bits - if only we could get our tasks done that quickly! Very interesting stuff going on in this website, a real education in Yorkshire life. Thanks.

You can make a fortune fixing dry stone walls since it's become something of a lost art.

I really enjoyed that! It made me smile too! Dan and Howard a super job.

Done a fair bit of gapping my-self and was alwaye intreged to find the odd broken pipe or the remains of a cig packet. this is a wonder-full site, which I realy enjoyed. How about doing a video of a cow calving