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Far Away Flatulence!

He's been gone a while, but our far away friend certainly knows how to make an entrance...!

No words can describe the logic of this...!


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Who needs logic? We want laughter, not logic. Thank you!

Poor zorg done for again hehe.

This was so funny. thanks for the laugh and good work ZORG hee hee hee

l think some people had to many pints. hehehehehe good show guys.

I bet you had at least as much fun editing the track and adding the sound effects as you did chasing around the field!.

i can't believe Zorg was running around barefoot in this pooey field, haha

Hahaha..... I am laughing because Zorg is running and doing a somersault on poo filled field The interesting sound effect reminded me of a YouTube video called the 'Farting Preacher 2-Fart Harder'. Thanks for the fun show. Made me feel like a 10 yr old again.

Dan, could you please post the video " Matt in the apartment," a funny take on "Where is Matt now." I came across it earlier today on this site but don't see it now.

Benny Hill Lives!!!! lol. Welcome back Zorg! What a good laugh; thanks to you all for farmlife highjinks!

There is more going on here that we may think. For one, I don't see Lynda anywhere (unless she has suddenly grown taller over-night!), neither is Zorg Dan - he is the one chasing with the big stick, and it certainly isn't Howard with the chain saw, very odd but very funny. Made me smile!

lol How much had you drank last night lol. Couldnt help but laugh when Zorg was chased by the men with stick and chain saw lol

What a lovely surprise and great light relief during a break in a days work. I've haven't laughed so much in a long time. Well done all of you and thank you. What will come next I wonder?!!

Dan!! I love it!!! I'm having to laugh on the down low as I am at work.....church secretary, you know. Oh my goodness, can't wait to get home and watch it again full blast. You know, you'd think that Zorg's advanced alien culture would have figured a way to silence the flatulence!! thanks so much.

You lot are Mental LOLOL Really cheered me up that after a rather miserable day Thanks Hugs XX

I think we all need a good laugh! And that definitely was the way to do it. Great job guys!

lol! Very funny