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Spider Spins A World Wide Web!

This little LambWatch spider reminds us all of the true meaning of a "world wide web" :)

On one of the evenings when the website has been offline, a local spider took the opportunity to make its home over the webcam! Watch as the spider spins its web across the webcam at lightning speed! The speed of this clip has been speeded up to save you from wading through hours of footage. Unfortunately the night the spider spun this web was a very windy one so there was not much left to see the next morning... awww.


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This is amazing to see. I don't really care much for spiders.But I still think this is great to see. Thanks

Clever bugger knows where to get easy dinner.

creepy spider wow can see web too.

Poor eensy weensy spider, all that work and then to lose it all to the wind! It was clever of Jackie to spot this, as I had just missed it by a minute or two myself. Thanks for putting it up for us!

making a home on lambwatch cam cool, sad he had to leave. hehe spider is fat one maybe laying eggs. thanks for showing cooldude.

So fascinating. I have a fake tree on the front porch of my house. A little spider started building a massive web and I didn't have the heart to tear it down. Let it stay for over 2 weeks. Every time we entered the house, we would pause and watch him at his handiwork.......or should i say leggiwork!