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Behind The Scenes

A sneak peak behind the scenes of the webcam to show how it is supported with a fence post.

This clip gives a "behind the scenes" view of the LambWatch webcam. Taken at night with the infra red camcorder (as there doesn't seem to be much daylight these days!) you can see that it is supported by a fencing post, lodged in a tree, and all tied together with bailing band. We wanted to check the structure was going to be able to sustain the strong winds that are forecast and fingers crossed it will. We need to make sure there was plenty of give in the cable so that there would not be any strain on the cables even in the strongest of gusts. With a bit of luck it should be OK... we hope


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That is quite a lot of work securing the post and very interesting to see how the webcam is set up. Thanks Dan for taking the trouble to show us 'behind the scenes'.

I enjoy watching your "Lamb Watch" web site. I have friends that own a country Inn in Ohio, and they have 2 sheep, Buster the male, and Butterfly McQueen is the female. They are pets, and always a big hit with the many guests that visit the White Oak Inn. Happy Holidays to all.

wow dan you are so creative when it comes to this stuff. Thanks for showing us this.

I always imagined the webcam was secured to a tree by just a large nail. Never thought that all those posts and binding string were involved. Thanks for making this very informative film and letting us see what goes on behind the webcam.

you guys go to such great lengths to provide with us a sheepy view. it does not go unnoticed, and is much appreciated

So it's a pro setup then. lol!!

So this is what they get up to in Yorkshire.lol. No really-a lighthearted webcam and interesting...I`m always watching out for predators.etc....