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Mysterious Nightflying Creature!

This clip was in response to a sighting made on the webcam in the early hours of the morning!

This clip was made as a result of a submitted sighting by a LambWatcher who emailed in to say they spotted something strange on the webcam at approximately 5am in the morning of the 11th December 2008.

It looks to be a flying creature of some kind and you have to look carefully to see it. It approaches from the left, appears to fly to the bird feeder and then flies off close to the ground to the left. Its flight path is quite irregular so it is quite mysterious! It must be an owl surely? Can you think of anything else it can be? Perhaps it is a new species from planet ZoRk....

If you cannot see the flying thing clearly on this clip due to the video compression, try viewing the clip at the following place: [link]. This clip has not been edited, enhanced or modified at all.


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It looks like an owl swooping down to find a mouse.

I thought it was a bat. We get them round here. They're Ok from a distance but horrid if they fly past your face!

it's a rabbit lol

i think its a rabbit too

definately a rabbit on RED BULL lol.

pretty sure its a tawny owl....

I think it's an Owl.

funny, 'cos if you expect to see a flying creature, it seems that it is flying. but, once i watched it again after reading "rabbit" comments, it is absolutely a bunny. they run around like "bats out of hell" even here in los angeles.

they often run zig zag, when mr fox spooks them.

it actually jumps down from the wall, towards the end of the clip.

tht is definitely a bunny

Actually, if you look really really hard, you'll see a tail. I think it could possibly be a small fox.

I have to admit that I laughed when I saw someone say it was a rabbit but the more you watch the more you realise that that is exactly what it is. It isn't flying at all its on the ground running very fast!

I beg to differ Jackie.. it is definitely flying above the ground.

a flying rabbit then lol.

if you compare the daytime backdrop to the nightime,its obvious it skirts the wall and passes over some coping stones before leaping to the ground. very common when rabbits have been spooked by predators.

It swoops down from the wall to the ground to pick something up and then flies off and you can see it swoop upwards to the left. You can see the wings flap.

If you all click on the http;//www.lambwatch.co.uk/highlights/strangething.wmv above Viewer comments and see the full clip.you would be able to see it's an Owl.

margaret i cant see the wings flap,i'm still looking

Peter have you clicked on the link in the third paragraph down from the top? It gives a clearer picture.

margaret i cant get it to play but will keep trying.mind if its not a rabbit i'll bare my but in woolies window lol.

lol Peter.. you must let us know which Woolies..

hope i'm not wrong but it'll be the newcastle branch lol

anyway its great to speak to you all,we need a forum.

We here think it's a small animal fox or rabbit.

Wow such a response ! We all at the farm think it is a tawny owl as you can see it flying over the wall, grabbing a mouse under the feeder then flying off to the left with it. Peter - there is a forum, look at the community link on the top. Would be good to see it used!

but how does it grow 4 legs and shoot off like bugs bunny lol.

where do you see legs? It is just a low-flying owl... have u seen the clip entitled the early bird gets the worm in the highlights section? It's been spotted before.

its running on all 4 of them lol

Looks like a rabbit running to me.

cant of been an owl grabbing a worm,ground temps were too cold that night for above ground worm activity

its a wabbit lol

Lol, it wasn't a worm it was getting peter, it was a mouse. they frequently gather at night under where the bird feeder hangs to clear up the dropped seeds... there are clips in the highlights showing both these things

after showing the clip to several hundred people,i'm now informed it's definately a hare.so wabbit was near enough for me lol.

It's a bat. -.-

Hare ?