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Here is a short clip of Dan constructing the first ever LambWatch snowman with his bare hands!

When snow falls in the quantity that it did today you just have to make a snowman! Because all the crunchy leaves were still on the ground below the snow he looked like he was wearing a tweed jacket after being rolled but the day's heavy snowfall afterwards ensured he was as white and sparkly as you could ever want by nightfall!

As the day progressed the snow seemed never ending and it made for some quite picturesque views from the webcam. To view a clip of Dan after he finally got home after work and the heavy snow, click here.


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Well done Dan... you can't have snow without making a Snowman! Yay!!

awesome Dan

dan nice made snowman cute.

Thanks for the snowman Dan. He makes Lambwatch into a very festive winter scene.

Where's your gloves? Your hands must have been frozen lol

What are all the dark bits in the snowman's base?