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The New Daddy

Footage of the arrival of the new suffolk tup (male sheep) who arrived at the farm last week.

There haven't been many sheep around lambwatch for a while so we thought we would show a clip of the arrival of the new suffolk tup who will be father to Lottie, Patch and company's lambs of next year with a bit of luck! There is also some footage at the end of Ranvir playing in today's sunshine.


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welcome new sheep!!

Thanks,Lynda and Howard for the clip. Lovely to see the tup's arrival and he is a big one. Hope he father's plenty of healthy lambs for next Spring for you. Good Luck.

wow he is a big one. can't wait for the lambing season starts. thanks howard, lynda.

This was a very interesting clip; thank you for allowing us to see the tup arrive and meet the sheep.

yay, a new Suffolk!

The new tup and his harem look very happy together. He certainly looks handsome. It will be nice to see all his black faced offspring next year. Thanks for letting us see his arrival and also showing us Ranvir again.

what a delightful video. it is always so nice to be able to share in the lives of my most favorite people across the pond!

Loved the footage, Ranvir looks a lovely sheep. I bet the Tup's feeling lucky with all those females vying for his attention

So wonderful to see this. Thank you so much.

That was adorable! That lucky fellow has many to choose from, that's for sure! lol

I love the way all the girlies are like "oooh hello young man" he's certainly a handsome lad, look forward to seeing his offspring next year!