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Guy Fawkes (Bonfire) Night Antics

We couldn't let bonfire night pass by on LambWatch without putting on some form of entertainment!

Last year I bought some fireworks to celebrate last year's bonfire night but we didn't get round to setting them off. Consequently they have been sat for over a year in the outside loo (not physically the loo but the building) waiting for this year to come round! We set them off this evening in front of the webcam for the "entertainment" and "enjoyment" of the LambWatch viewers. It was nice 'cause you could see all the other fireworks going off in the distance. The event did not go without hiccup though as you might expect when setting off year-old fireworks and this clip shows it all.... The sheep were a good distance away from where we were setting them off so hopefully they weren't too disturbed.... Anyone for tooth-crunching plot toffee?


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Thanks for sharing your Bonfire fireworks with us enjoyed it very much.

nice one hope you have still got your legs after the premature explosion, very good cheers

that's too funny! you were having a good time and the toffee looks real good Lynda. How do you make it?

THANKS DAN and Lynda that was awesome!!

Thanks for the fireworks last night - I hope all the sheep are none the worse for the experience.

Enjoyed all the firework display - wish I could have tried a piece of toffee. Hope all the sheep have recovered from the noise and are not stood trembling with fright.

OMG, too funny!

looks like fun! sure wish I had been there. thanks.

loved the keep fit running lol

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed it very much. seems like there is always that one that goes off too soon, or sideways!

Very fun! thanks for filming it for us!

Brilliant, the offer of the toffee was tempting but alas the dentist wouldnt approve, thanks for sharing

Always remember the 5th of November!