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Happy Halloween!

Ghostly lanterns keep watch as we wish all our viewers a very Happy Halloween!

A diverse set of lanterns were made to celebrate Halloween at LambWatch: we had a turnip head, a pumpkin cyclops and a water melon head sat around the lambwatch sign for the halloween evening. They sat patiently there all night until the early hours of next day when they slowly took it in turns to fade away awww. Here are pictures:

Halloween Lantern

Halloween Lantern

Halloween Lantern


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Thanks Dan, It is also good to see the photos . I hope you and Heather had fund making them. Pusscat came tonight (2/11) and had a sniff at the turnip

awww happy halloween to you dan lynda and howard and all the farm animals! thanks for the pumpkins

Hello&Happy Halloween Dan Nice to see you and Heather their doing the pumpkins for us Lambwatchers and Alex enjoyed it very much here showing me your website. Alex had a great time trick&treating herself here in Canada. bye

That turnip lantern brings back memories of when I was younger we didn't seem to see many pumpkins around then !

That was the first time I ever saw lanterns made of turnip and watermelon. I bet the turnip was terribly hard to carve! They looked really great.