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New Hens' WebCam Debut!

Howard introduces the viewers to the new "Marlfield's 11" as they make their webcam debut!

The new hens are very greedy and can eat for England as described in the new hens news post and so what better way for them to make their first webcam debut appearance than by following a trail of breadcrumbs laid down by Howard. This is the hens' first outside experience of the farm too as they have been kept indoors up-to-now so that they can get used to their surroundings. Notice how much bigger these hens are compared to our other hens!


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This is cool to see them thanks howard. they are so bright in colours,funny how they clucking around. what kind of hens are they? Marlaina

awwww look at them all black, yellow colours mixed. cool thanks dan and howard for showing them to us, can hear them make noise too. ran back home hehe alex

All the new hens look very happy and contented in their new home. Love to watch them pecking around in the field and showing off their beautiful coloured feathers.

This reminds me of the ducks at work. If you have bread they are happy. If you have no bread they bite your shoes!

who doesnt want to see a happy farm? i love this website.

So nice that the hens get out. Do they make their own way back home to the barn I wonder?