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A Spring Water Supply in Autumn

Howard explains the trials of having a spring water supply for the farmhouse water.

You may (or may not) have noticed on a number of occasions, particularly since we moved the webcam, Howard wandering seemingly aimlessly to-and-fro across the field with no apparent reason. Well in this clip, Howard explains why. He explains why having a spring water supply for the farmhouse water is not always a luxury. It frequently has problems, not only in Autumn but all year round, which means somebody has to relieve an air-lock in the pipe by dragging it a good distance down the lambwatch field!


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actually a very educational video.would love to see a vid of howard showing us your pump house or what you use to pump the water up the hill.

goodmorning howard. wow 30 years. How much hose do you have their to carry across the field? That happened to my dads backyard full of water and needed to drain it or have a flood and helped my dad do that too big job howard. And to bad you could turn it to a hotsprings.hehe

Interesting. Must be very frustrating when you find you have no water and have to go through the process of releasing air traps.

I have noticed Howard walking up and down the field with the pipe and wondered what he was doing. Thanks for explaining. After watching the clip and reading about what you have to do to keep your water supply going, it makes me realise how much we take our water supply for granted. Do you have to use a pump to increase the water pressure for the house? [added by dan: We don't need a pump because the water supply to the house is still lower than the actual source]

Does that mean you don't get any of those nasty water bills the rest of us get?