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Creepy Crawlie Cam II

We had another creepy crawlie come visit our webcam to make the most of its warm infra-red light!

Can you tell what this bug is? I think it could be a beetle looking at its quite large abdomen but am not sure! Or perhaps an earwig? Whatever little beastie this was, it spent a good 30 minutes on Sunday evening absorbing the warm infra-red radiation from the webcam. For 30 minutes, all that could be seen from the webcam was a beetle's bottom - nice


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I cannot tell for sure, but to me it does look like a beetle or some sort of spider

when i first saw it i thought earwig also

Have watched this 3x now and I say it's a spider.

i think it's a spider

Well it could be a grasshopper,or a bee.

Just at the end of the video there appears to be the two pincers which an earwig has at it's back end.

to me it looks like a spider or and earwig

i think its a ant

Ew, that's gross! xP Maybe it's a centipede, it looks like it has a lot of legs.