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Sheep Versus Webcam!

Features two occasions when the sheep have decided to express their feelings towards being watched!

Since the mouse clip (see previous highlight) the webcam has been placed at a slightly lower height - one which is pretty much at sheep-head-height. As such, it has presented the flock with the opportunity to "use their heads" in order to express their feelings towards being watched around the clock from all corners of the world! This clip features the two occasions (one from last Friday night and one from tonight!) where it appears as though they aren't best pleased! (By the way, if you like this, you may also be interested in our "Lambs Versus Hen" clip at YouTube, taken last year featuring Lottie and Friends!)


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The expresssion when he/she starts to turn around slowly and then just stares at the camera, it made me laugh way too hard, it's so cute! : D

the first sheep looked mad

lol hello? whats this?

That is just so sweet! They are very inquisitive

LOL HAHAHAH STOP IT CANT TAKE LAUGHING NO MORE!!! lol that was classic!! Now we know who really runs the show!!!

First sheep looked into webcam and said "I'm the star"

"what you looking at?" I love it!

Me and the Girls laugh so hard at this clip it's a keepsake,so inquisitive sheep are. Catherine

the first sheep looked mad and I LOVE IT yeeeeeeeeeeeahhhh